Campus facilities


Free on-campus Wifi

Wherever you are in the campus you will be able to connect to the UPV network without worrying about using your data.


Gandia campus is equipped with an enormous and majestic library where you can sit to read your favorite books, lend some study books or sit to write your assignments in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere

Study rooms

You can book your room to study in group or do your group assignments, discuss and comment with your classmates, questions about a specific subject in a private space without disturb other students or being interrupted.

Computer rooms

Free access to computers if you don’t have one or you just forgot at home and you need to edit something urgent.


At this place you will find all the accessories and material which you might need for your classes.



At the gym you will find all kind of workout machinery and personal trainers if you want to improve a specific part of your body all of that included in our program price.

Sport activities hall

At this place you will be able to assist to dance, kickboxing, yoga or Zumba lessons and a couple more activities.

Climbing wall

For the students who would like to practice montain climbing there is a professional climbing rock in the top floor!

Futsal court

At the futsal court you can join the university futsal team or just play for fun with couple friends.

Basketball court

You can join the basketball team or just spend some time in the court scoring the basket.

Volleyball court

There is a team training 3 days a week at the evening with whom you can learn the techniques of this amazing sport.


Snack bar

If it’s time for a bite and you need to grab something easy and quickly to eat you can stop at the snack bar


At the buffet you can sit with your friends to have a nice and affordable lunch with a wide variety of local and international dishes.