Study and live in Gandia


In Gandia the temperature is pleasant throughout the year and the pace of life outside the holiday season turns the beach into a place where you can enjoy the gorgeous landscapes without a big crowd of people around you. Moreover, if you chose Gandia as your study destination, you will find many rental options, some at very low-cost compared for with most of the other destinations, the academic period concurs with the low season of Gandia and that make the options affordable.

But even during low season at the beach there are still plenty of activities to enjoy. If you surf on the City´s website you will find all what you have to know about the cultural activities 365 days around the year.

If you love sports, Gandia is your spot. You will find amazing facilities both on the beach and in the city. You can play volleyball, beach football swim on the beach, and practice water sports such as kitesurfing. In addition, the landscape is outstanding, there is a 5 kilometers beach and a promenade in which to walk or go running with views to the sea and the montain.

Living in Gandia gives you the opportunity to do so with university classmates from other parts of the world, as it is a top destination for abroad students.

With regard to studies the environment is enriched with shared knowledge. You will discover a family atmosphere, a closer relationship with professors and an environment that makes it very easy to meet fellow students who study other degrees. All of this will allow you a better use of study time.

Yes. That too. You also go out and have a drink with your classmates. There are many bars, restaurants and nightclubs which are also open in winter. Make the most of Gandia’s beach!