Onground courses


Our onground programs consists of 2 intensive language and cultural courses designed for the complete understanding and writing of Spanish academic level. We guarantee that those students will be able to write, read and express themselves in Spanish language at the end of our course. Our courses are from A1 till B1.

Our onground courses are provided by professors from the UPV with a wide experience In the most modern and advance language learning processes. Where you will grow your vocabulary through discussion on current affairs, study real-world subjects to make learning come alive,
learn how to express your opinions and challenge the ideas of others and to learn how to give presentations and write academic essays.

Intensive Spanish Foundation Program

Starting October

End date July

10 months

5 days per week

800h (4 – 5 hours a day)

Onground Full PROGRAM fees


For any sort of scholarship please check with your agent if you are elegible

Super-intensive Spanish Foundation Program

Start date January

End date July

7 months

5 days per week

800h (5 – 6 hours a day)

Onground Full PROGRAM fees


For any sort of scholarship please check with your agent if you are elegible

Study in Spain:

Our onground foundation program allows you to full immerse yourself at UPV right away. Students here will live learn, and study like the locals. With our extensive services, fantastic courses provided to our onground students, we are sure you will fall in love with UPV and the city of GANDIA (Valencia).

Option 1:

Option 2:

Services included in our onground foundation program

  • Administrative Support: student visa, finding accommodation, application procedure to universities, student ID, residence permit, opening bank account, sim card etc.
  • Pick Up: at the airport (Valencia or Alicante).
  • Welcome Package: didactic material and tutorials.
  • Excursions: free one day trip excursions to downtown or other cities of interest.
  • Student Services: Free access to computer rooms, theater, big band, library, etc.
  • Emergency Support: in case of any medical emergency or other emergencies we will guide you in how to proceed.
  • Sports: Football team, basketball team, Volleyball team, climbing-rock team, Music, Yoga classes, Dancing classes, Martial arts lessons.


Some of this events may have an added cost for the student.

  • Nature Activities: Hiking, Climbing, Rivers and sea
  • Linguistic Events: Tandem, Karaoke
  • Gastronomic Events: Cooking lessons, Cooking nights, Food fairs
  • Sport Events: Beach Volley, Beach football, Beach games
  • Cultural Events: Museums, Short trips, Long trips
  • Social Events: Charity, Education, Environmental awareness

Although the students with 0 level of Spanish are admitted in the course taking place at UPV Gandia campus we strongly recommend to have some previous knowledge of the language before accessing our onground program. Your journey will be much lighter and you will be able to enjoy the experience at the fullest. Take also under consideration that to have a certified minimum level of Spanish will be a plus in your visa application.

Remember that if you first join our online foundation program the amount will be deducted from the price of the onground foundation language program if you choose to transition to onground.