Terms and Conditions

Student Terms and Conditions

Hablo Educational Programs SL, trading as The Event School

These terms and conditions represent an agreement between Hablo Educational Programs SL, (‘School’) and the payee, student or Loop member being booked onto a course or membership package (‘Student’). By paying any fees or accepting the School’s offer of a place for any of our courses or services (‘Course’), the ‘Student’ accepts these terms and conditions in full, which form the contract between the ‘Student’ and the ‘School’ in relation to studies with the School.


Booking & Payment

All payments must be made in EU euros (€) unless alternate currencies are offered on our website.

Current course prices and dates can be found on our website

Payments can be made in the following ways:

Credit/debit card via:

  1. School website
  2. A payment link provided in your invoice
  3. Bank transfer (using the Student’s name as a reference)

Hablo Educational Programs SL

BANK NAME: Caixabank, S.A.

BANK NIF: A08663619


BRANCH CODE: 2197-store Gandia

BANK ADDRESS: Passeig de les Germanies, 9 – 46701 Gandia, València

BRANCH TELEPHONE: 962 82 91 90

Account number: LA CAIXA ES14 2100 2197 0502 0067 4410

Any fees imposed by banks or money transfer companies are the responsibility of the Student.

Onground Course Requirements

  1. All students must be 18 or over at the start of their course
  2. All courses are conducted in English and students must be able to read, write and speak English and may be asked to complete a test prior to commencing the course
  3. The School’s enrolment requirements are met
  4. It is the responsibility of any Student to ensure that they are eligible to study in Spain.  Information can be found on the Spanish Government website
  5. The School is unable to assist with any visa applications
  6. Organizing and financing accommodation and travel is the responsibility of the Student unless specifically offered as part of the course.


Online Course Access

The online course fee allows a Student access to their Course for the following periods.

  1. Module: Three (3) months to complete Course and assessments. (A1 module or A2 module or B1 Module)
  2. Full course: Nine (9) months to complete Course and assessments. (A1 module and A2 module and B1 Module)


Course Cancellation, Refunds and Amendments

Cancellation or postponement charges will apply subject to the stated details below:

  1. Any refunds required in a currency other than euros (€), will be converted at the exchange rates provided by Caixabank on the day of the transfer
  2. The Student is responsible for the payment of any fees imposed by banks or money transfer companies
  3. All requests for cancellations and/or transfers to a different course must be received in writing and acknowledged by the School in writing
  4. A fee of €180 is due for changes to exam date (online courses).

Course Cancellation Fees (online and onground courses)

If you wish to cancel your course, the following charges will apply:

  1. Over 30 days prior to the start date of the booked course
  • Full refund less deposit or 20% of course fees, whichever is the greater
  1. Less than 30 days prior to the start date of the booked course
  • 100% fee due
  1. Failure to attend/start the booked course
  • 100% fee due
  1. Cancellation during the booked course
  • 100% fee due


Course Deferral or Transfer to another course

Course deferrals or transfers are only permitted for courses that start within 365 days of the start of the original course start date.  If you wish to defer or transfer to a different course an admin fee of €250 is payable in addition to the following:

  1. Over 30 days prior to the start date of the original course
  • Deposit is retained and remaining payment terms adjusted to meet new course dates (if transferring to a cheaper course, the original fees stand)
  1. Less than 30 days prior to the start date of the original course
  • Course fees are due according to the payment terms for the original course & the balance for any additional fees, if future course costs more

After course start date

  1. All fees are due and additional fees of any additional course


Online change of exam dates

  1. Requests to change exam dates must be received by the School in writing prior to the end of the course.
  2. A fee of €180 will be applied for each course extension and/or change of exam date.

Late or Non-payment of Fees

  1. If for any reason a payment is not made on time, the School will:
  2. Remove a Student from the Course or placement
  3. Deny a student access to their exam
  4. Withhold a Student’s results and certificate

Degree Alternative options

  1. The School has the right to remove a Student from the Degree Alternative course if, in their opinion, the Student will not achieve the next level required for the course. In that instance, the Student will only be charged for the elements of the course they have completed (Certificate /Diploma based on individual course fees at the time of the course).
  2. The student may choose to leave the Degree Alternative course after completing the Certificate exam. This decision must be within 5 days of completing the exam and the student will only be liable for the equivalent of the Degree Alternative deposit.


Additional Changes and Cancellation Terms

  1. In the event of a Student not being able to attend their course, the School will accept a substitute Student, on the condition that written notification of the substitution has been received prior to the start of the course and the substitute Student meets all the criteria required for the course. An administration fee of €250 will be charged
  2. The School reserves the right to remove any Student, from any course, should their behavior be deemed inappropriate or bring the School into disrepute. In such event, no refund of course fees or other costs shall be made
  3. The School reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course at any time
  4. In the event of cancellation of a course by the School, the School will endeavor to inform all Students as soon as possible before the course is due to start. All course fees paid will be reimbursed in full. The School shall not accept liability for any consequential loss and shall have no liability to reimburse any other costs that may have been incurred, including transport costs, accommodation etc.

Accreditation & Course Certification

  1. The School Certificate or Diploma .
  2. Electronic course certificates will be issued after CIM grading
  3. Students will be issued with a provisional grade that will be subject to CIM ratification



You can expect the School to:

  1. Provide you with the tuition and learning support associated with the course with reasonable care and skill
  2. Make reasonable efforts to deliver the course as described
  3. Provide information as soon as reasonably possible, such as a change in timetabling, location, assessment, hub access or schedule
  4. Provide clear information about the course and our expectations of what you need to achieve to complete the course successfully
  5. Return marked work in a timely manner by the deadlines stated by us
  6. Encourage a responsible learning environment
  7. Take reasonable care to keep your personal details secure at all times
  8. Act in a non-discriminatory way and to comply with statutory national legislation

What we expect from you

  1. Take responsibility for your own learning
  2. Keep yourself informed of all course information by use of The School’s communication platforms
  3. Not hinder the studies of others and pursue your studies diligently, contributing effectively to the course on which you are enrolled
  4. Attend all classes, project/group meetings and learning events associated with the course, subject to absence for medical or other agreed reasons
  5. Take reasonable care to ensure that the personal details the School holds about you, including your current address and personal email address, are accurate and updated as soon as they change. This will help us to contact you quickly, as and when needed
  6. Complete and submit, by the required deadlines, any work to be assessed as part of the course
  7. Respond to requests to give you feedback about your learning and other experiences at the School
  8. To conduct all course activity in a legal manner and avoid offensive or inappropriate language or behaviour that could impact on any other user
  9. Complete your exam on the day booked
  10. Pay your fees on time



The relationship between the Student and the School will end if:

  1. The Student decides to leave the Course; or In the School’s opinion, the Student continually fails to meet the academic performance required to continue on the course
  2. Fees are not paid
  3. The Student’s placement company or organization takes the decision to terminate their placement early due to poor performance, unreliable behavior or absences
  4. The School becomes aware of information about the Student which, in the School’s opinion, makes it inappropriate for them to study on the Course
  5. In the School’s opinion the Student has failed to provide us with all relevant information, or have supplied false or misleading information, relating to their application for the Course
  6. Where the Student’s behavior hinders the learning of others
  7. In the School’s opinion, the Student’s behavior represents a significant risk to the health, safety or welfare of themselves or others
  8. The Student fails to attend more than 10% of their course (lectures, projects, venue visits, live events, group work etc.)
  9. At the time of termination, we shall be entitled to require a Student to stop studying on the Course with immediate effect and pay the balance of their fees.
  10. Any action we take under the above provisions will not restrict our ability to take further action against a Student if we deem it appropriate.


Force Majeure

  1. The School shall not be liable for the refund of fees or for any other penalty should Courses be cancelled due to war, fire, industrial action, tempest, accident, civil disturbance or any other cause whatsoever beyond its control

Intellectual Property

  1. All materials provided by The School, staff and lecturers of The School, remain the intellectual property of The School, who assert their right to worldwide copyright and all related rights, unless specifically agreed in writing
  2. All intellectual property generated during a Student’s Course is owned by The School, this includes, but is not restricted to, Course materials, lecture notes, films and PowerPoint presentations


Data Protection

  1. The School does not sell, trade or rent Students personal information to other organisations.


Photography & Film

  1. We may photograph or film Lecturers and Students for marketing purposes. These images may be used on our website, social media, in printed materials and partner channels. They will never be sold to third parties

Entire Agreement

  1. These Terms and Conditions cannot be varied without the written agreement of the School Directors


  1. If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the enforceability of any other part of these Terms and Conditions will not be affected
  2. The School reserves the right, at any time, to make changes to these Terms and Conditions
  3. The Terms and Conditions are available on the School website

Statutory rights

  1. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer, which remain unaffected

Applicable law

  1. Contracts formed between the School and Student shall be governed by Spanish law