Why should you study in Spain?

Fascinating Cultural Heritage.

Spain has the third most UNESCO protected heritage patrimony, which means that you will walk in some cities feeling that you are in another time period.

Great Educational System.

Majority of the educational system in Spain is public, therefore the best of the best universities are public. A vast number of universities in Spain are in the international rankings of excellent universities.

Amazing Food.

The Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables and fish. It is considered some of the most healthy and tasty food around the globe. You will not only enjoy yourself, but also, see your health improve if you give it a try.

One of the Best Healthcare Systems in the World.

Since the hospitals are funded publicly and considered as a right in Spain, public hospitals are equipped with the most advanced technology. So if you fall sick don’t worry, you are in very safe hands and won’t be burdened with a large medical bill.

Great people.

Spain is well known for acceptance and diversity. The Rights of woman, LGBTQ Rights, Race Rights, and Religious rights are guaranteed. So no matter who and how you are, you will be accepted here.